What is Hypertension - Readings High Hypertension and action take

What is Hypertension - Readings High Hypertension and action take

Hypertension is also known as High blood pressure, its a normal and critical condition with various multiple genetics and environmental causes, not disturbs evenly through the population, over 50 plus age is more common men than in women, its very rare case, but now a days every humam being is facing problem, both men and women, its especially comming among african americans, who wants to develop a younger age and more frequents than whites, its common among older Americans individuals with normal blood pressure at the age of 55 have a life time with normal hypertension at the age of 50 to 55 years of age, its lifetime risk of 90% of developed this disease.

Hypertension is one of the normal disease that have result from the typical diet rich western socieities, earlier 1975 emigrates from Germany to Canada, eating food habits of Americans and noticed fast food, chains and clothes everywhere. several lead to severe health to complicates and increase risk of heart disease, strokes, and sometimes causes death, its a force that a humanbeing blood exerts agains the walls of the blood vessels.

Almost half of adults facing this issue, in the USA have high blood pressure due to food issues and genetics issues,but may are not aware this fact, Hypertension is a primary risk factor for cardivoscular disease, includes various symptoms, keep blood pressure under the control of vital to preserve health to reduce risk of these dangerous conditions, we are tend to say that BP can increase, how to monitor it, and several way to keep with normal range

How to do Treatment with Hypertension : Its lifestyle adjustment are the standard first the treatment for hypertension, we are some recommendations are here to current various guidelines all human being at least 140 to 150 Minutes of moderate intensity, aerobic exercise every week, People should exercise daily wise, to suitable activities.

Avoid to manage stress can help a person contol blood pressure or Hypertension, Do Yoga and Meditation, warm baths simply go to normal work at least 30 minutes, do relaxation techniques that can help relieve stress, Avoid consume alcohol, recreational drugs, tobacco and junk food to cope with stress, that can contribute to elevated blood pressure